Find out more about our recce days below

Join us on one of our recce days in the heart of the Lake District

Our recce days will help you familiarise yourself with the terrain and gain hands-on experience in navigation skills with our tutors from NAV4 Adventure.

Each recce day will go from a point A to B, with each recce focusing on a different section of the route. The price of the bus is included in our costs.

13th April

Start – Waterhead

Finish - Glenridding

Which Route? First half of the 5 Valleys Ultra

When? Saturday 13th April at 9am

Distance: 28km

Recce route from Waterhead to Glenridding

Meeting point at Waterhead where you can park your car. We will all get a bus back from Glenridding. Join us for a post run coffee, sponsor prizes and talks at Grasmere afterwards!

25th May (Women only)

This recce day is for Women only to give the opportunity to Women to build their confidence together, in a traditionally male-dominated landscape.

Start – Threlkeld

Finish – Keswick

Which Route? The second half of the 2 Valleys Trail, and the last section of all the other routes.

When? Saturday 25th May at 9am

Distance: 14km

Recce route from Threlkeld to Keswick

Meeting point in Keswick where you can park your car. We will get a bus to the start and run back to Keswick. Join us for a post run coffee, sponsor prizes and talks at The Round!

15th June

Start – Waterhead

Finish - Rosthwaite

Which Route? First 30km of the 7 Valleys Ultra

When? Saturday 15th June at 9am

Distance: 31km

Recce route from Waterhead to Rosthwaite

Meeting point at Rosthwaite at 9am where you can park your car – we will get a bus from there at 9.30am which will drop us at Waterhead where we’ll run back.

6th July

Start – Rosthwaite

Finish – Grasmere

Which Route? The second unmarked section of the 7 Valleys Ultra

When? Saturday 6th July at 9am

Distance: 18km

Recce route from Grasmere to Rosthwaite

Meeting point at Grasmere Gallop car park at 9am where you can park your car. We will get a bus from there at 9.30am which will drop us off at Rosthwaite and we’ll run back.


How much does it cost?
Each recce day costs £40

Where can I register?
To access them on Let's Do This you will need to find your confirmation email for our race with your booking ID and then go on this page.

If you haven't registered for our event yet you will be given the choice to add a recce day when you finalise your order.

What’s included in the price?
Two tutors from NAV4 Adventure to guide you and help with navigation tools
The bus fare
Chance to win prizes
Expert talks from our sponsors and partners post event
Voom nutrition samples to try on route

What shall I bring?
We strongly advise to bring the kit you’d be wearing and carrying on the actual day of the event to get use to it.

Can I sign up to more than one recce?
Of course, you can sign up to as many as you’d like. Be aware that we’ve capped them at a certain capacity to make sure we don’t end up with big groups of people so once they are full they will be closed.

Who are these recce days for?
These recce days are for everyone who's signed up to our event: people who have entered the 7 and 13 Valleys and want to check the routes, beginners to ultra who want to meet other runners, new people to the event etc.. We will make sure that we split the group depending on running abilities before we set off.

Where do we meet exactly?
Once you've signed up to a recce you will be sent an email with more information closer to the date (exact meeting location, which brand partners will be present on the day etc)

Want to do more? - HIKING HIGHS Meets 13V For A Leki Poles Workshop

Bespoke Course for 13V Recce Attendees and Race Participants

Master the art of using your poles efficiently in The Lake District fells. Get the poles bug, and learn to love your new skill and those hills!

This workshop is ideal if you are entering ultra distance events and wishing to increase your efficiency whilst hiking or running any distance, uphill or downhill, or over technical ground. Our Leki Poles workshops will follow each recce day, on the Sunday morning. Hiking Highs will lend you Leki poles for your course with the option to buy poles following the course with 10% off the retail price.

To find out more or book the Leki Poles Workshops, see the booking links below:

Sunday 14th APRIL - BOOK HERE

Sunday 26th MAY - BOOK HERE

Sunday 16th JUNE - BOOK HERE

Sunday 7th JULY - BOOK HERE