Frequently asked questions

To enter 13 Valleys, 7 Valleys or 5 Valleys Ultras you must be aged 20 or over. To enter 2 Valleys Trail you must be aged 17 or over.

All 4 courses stick to established footpaths, however at times may have challenging and technical terrain. The route has been chosen to limit exposure to ridges wherever possible. The 3 Ultra distances may all require some running at night. The 2 and 5 Valleys will be waymarked, but it is still essential that you have some navigation skills..

The elevation profiles are detailed on the course page for each event. These are as important as the distance itself, and participants should ensure they factor elevation gain (and loss) in their training.

There is no minimum qualification standard for the 2, 5 or 7 Valleys. All 13 Valleys (180km) participants must self-certify their preparedness by agreeing to a self-declaration statement (you will be asked to confirm this at the point of entry). For more information, see entry criteria.

Yes. This event will have strict cut-off times that will be enforced to ensure the safety of all participants. Cut-off times: 2 Valleys Trail – 8 hours 5 Valleys Ultra – 18 hours 7 Valleys Ultra – 27 hours 13 Valleys Ultra – 45 hours

  • Exclusive finisher medal (a slate coaster + a patch medal)
  • GPS Tracking (Open Tracking)
  • GPX files
  • Medical cover
  • Drop bag service for 7 and 13 Valleys
  • Fully-stocked checkpoints
  • Waymarked course (for 2 and 5 Valleys)
  • Road book containing key navigation notes (for 7 and 13 Valleys)
  • Event village

The minimum kit list can be found here. You will need to have this kit with you at registration. The kit list will vary depending on the distance you have entered, and includes both minimum and recommended kit. There will be variations on this list depending on the weather forecast.

In advance of taking part in the event there will be a mandatory kit check, where participants will be required to demonstrate they have all of the items specified. GPS trackers will be given out at the kit check for the 5, 7 and 13 Valley Ultras. Kit check will be done at the same time as registration:

  • Friday 27th Sept 2024 from 12am until 9pm at Theatre by the Lake in Keswick
  • Saturday 28th Sept 2024 from 6am until 10.30am at Theatre by the Lake in Keswick

With the 13 Valleys Ultra and 2 Valleys Trail both starting and finishing in Keswick, there are a variety of travel and accommodation options. The 7 and 5 Valleys Ultras start in Waterhead and finish in Keswick. Participants can purchase an event transfer from Keswick to Waterhead at the time of entry for £15. These will be timed to ensure you arrive in Waterhead in plenty of time for the start and details will be communicated in advance of the event.

The course will be waymarked for both the 2 and 5 Valleys distances, however the 7 and 13 Valleys distances won’t be, so you will need to know how to navigate yourself for these two courses. It is important to note that ultimately the responsibility for navigation rests with the participants, and this should form part of a good training plan. Downloadable route files will be available to aid navigation using both phones and watches, and navigation will be a key topic on training weekends which will be advertised soon.

A map and/or course notes are recommended. Course notes will be made available on the website before the event. The course will be waymarked for both the 2 and 5 Valleys distances, however the 7 and 13 Valleys distances won’t be, so you will need to know how to navigate yourself for these two courses. Please be aware that due to the nature of the route, certain parts are somewhat complex to navigate, and runners are advised to moderate their speed at these points to ensure the correct path is taken. A sports GPS navigation device is recommended if you have one - GPX files are available to download from the website. Participants will be given a basic safety map at registration, however not the whole 13 Valleys OS Map.

Medical support is provided along the course and at the finish. However please note that due to the nature of the event participants should recognise the physical challenge and should train and prepare adequately. If you have not been able to prepare properly please do not take part. For much of the route participants are expected to be self-supported. If you have a problem that requires medical attention but you can make your way to the next checkpoint please do so. If you (or another participant you are attending to) require medical assistance and are unable to reach the next checkpoint please call the event control - you will be given the event control number at registration on the day of the event and it will be printed on the back of your race number. In the unlikely event that emergency medical attention is required please call the emergency services on 999 in the first instance and then call event control.

There will be baggage storage at the start area, and for those in the 13 Valleys Ultra (180km) there will be a chance to have a bag taken to a feed station at approximately the half way point. Further details of this will be communicated in advance of the event.

There will be a wide range of options at the checkpoints, with it varying by event and checkpoint location. You can find all the details of the food and drinks option here.

If training hasn’t gone to plan and you wish to drop down a distance in advance of the event we will endeavour to accommodate you subject to there being capacity / the distance you wish to do hasn't sold out yet. Please contact us to discuss in advance of the day.

We would encourage anyone who is struggling to drop out at a feed station, where the event team will try and coordinate transport to the finish, however this may not always be possible and ultimately responsibility to get back to the finish line.

Crew and supporters

We want to do all we can to help you to get around the event and provide 12 well stocked feed stations and a Drop Bag for 13V and 7V participants to give you every chance for your race. If you have any specific requirements outside of these, we ask you to carry them with you. We do not allow support crews to actively move around the route, giving additional nutrition or kit, or taking it off you. This is to try and ensure the playing field is as level as possible, and the event is sustainable both from an environmental and social standpoint. It is important we respect the environment and communities we run in.

However we do encourage everyone to support at the relevant feedstations, or where public transport allows. Please remember to respect locals and other users of the trails, especially with regard to noise at night.

For the welfare of participants and dogs alike, dogs are not allowed to accompany runners on the route.

As the event organisers of 13 Valleys Ultra, we understand that our event depends on people travelling to our events and participating in leisure activities in remote places. This type of event has undeniable physical and mental health benefits, as well as supporting local economic growth, however we also recognise these types of activities come at an environmental cost. It is our responsibility, as the event organisers, to be as environmentally sustainable as possible. As part of this, we will be delivering our full Environment and Sustainability framework at the beginning of 2023. We are working hard alongside Lake District National Park to ensure we deliver a fantastic, responsible, and sustainable event that showcases the communities, businesses and landscape that makes the Lake District so special. 5% of each entry fee will be donated to the Lake District Foundation to support the National Park. As the event grows in the future, we will continue to share our environment and sustainable procedures, the journey and growth of our event, whilst collaborating with the right people and partners to support the climate. We hope 13 Valleys Ultra will inspire others to act in a sustainable way, to support the planet, and to focus on their own physical and mental health. We are excited to create a part of history when delivering the first 13 Valleys Ultra, however we recognise our role in supporting the environment, and will remain accountable for our events, and will do our part by changing and adapting how we organise and deliver our events.

We understand that the combination of night-time navigation and sleep depravation can lead to navigational errors on the course. As long as you get back on the route as soon as you realise you're off course you won't be penalised. However if we judge that you've gained a significant competitive advantage by cutting the route short, we do reserve the right to issue a time penalty.

Yes, you can transfer your entry to a shorter distance until entries close and if places are available in the distance you wish to transfer to. The difference in registration fees will not be refunded. It is also possible to request a change of registration to a longer distances, in which case you must pay the additional difference in entry fee.

For either transfer, please email We do not allow the transfer on an entry to another runner.

Parking spaces are available to pre-book at local car parks over the weekend of the event. There are limited spaces, so we recommend booking early as we expect them to sell out. To book, you can choose parking as an add-on on Let’s Do This when you enter, or you can add it to your existing booking on Let’s Do This. You can find out more information on available car parks here.

5% of the parking fees will be donated to the Lake District Foundation to support the National Park.